Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DC Auto Insurance with Accurate Personal Info

To register a vehicle in the District of Columbia, a motorist must first purchase adequate vehicle coverage. According to the Compulsory/No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Act passed by legislatures in the District, all vehicle owners must maintain bodily injury and property damage liability in addition to uninsured motorist protection. Additionally, a driver’s personal information must be regularly updated to help the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) maintain accurate records.

Shopping for DC auto insurance also depends on motorists submitting accurate data to avoid misquotes. When a vehicle owner compares estimates, they are commonly asked to list their age, gender, marital status, claims history, vehicle information and other info that can be used to determine their level of risk. If any of the listed details are incorrect, drivers may receive erroneous pricing details. Although some data is required while shopping around, there is some info that driver’s should avoid giving over the Internet.

Quotes can be amassed online at no charge, giving motorists no reason to relay any credit card information just to shop around. Additionally, DC drivers are discouraged from relaying their social security or driver’s license numbers to avoid potentially fraudulent activity. After buying an adequate amount of vehicle coverage with accurate info, driver must maintain updated information with the District DMV to avoid possible fines.
Updated Personal Info on DC Auto Insurance Policies

Vehicle owners can usually avoid lapses in coverage and potential fines by keeping updated proof of insurance. When a motorist purchases vehicle coverage in Washington DC they are given either a card or binder that lists important information about the driver’s policy. It is essential that this proof includes the name of the insurer, the policy number, the period of coverage and the names of those who are insured. These details, and the information on file with the DMV, must to regularly updated to avoid fines and other penalties.

If a DC motorist has a Change of Address they must notify the DMV within 5 days or risk a number of potentially serious consequences. If the District Department of Motor Vehicles is unable to contact a motorist, the vehicle owner may be unable to receive important documents or notices, including vehicle registration renewals, ticket notices, license suspension notices and other essential information. This could also result in various fees or a lapse in coverage.

If a vehicle owner is unable to maintain adequate vehicle coverage in the District of Columbia, drivers could have their registration suspended. Additionally, experiencing a coverage lapse that lasts between 1 and 30 days could result in a $150 fine, with $7 for each additional day that exceeds the initial 30 days, with a maximum fine of $2,500. To avoid an assortment of penalties and fines, residents are encouraged to shop around using accurate details, and regularly update the personal data on record at the District DMV.

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