Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Car Accident’s Affect on Auto Insurance Rates

The reason why the majority of motorists purchase vehicle coverage is to be adequately prepared in the event of an accident. Being involved in a collision can often result in expensive vehicle repairs and medical costs, which are frequently covered by a motorist’s insurer. A vehicle owner’s premium is often closely linked to the driver’s likelihood of filing a claim, which is why being involved in an accident frequently results in higher coverage costs. Insurers usually charge higher risk drivers more for insurance because of the increased chance that they may eventually file a claim. Alternatively, motorists who are able to maintain a clean driving record for an extended period frequently encounter cheaper rates.

In most situations, being involved in an accident affects auto insurance rates negatively because it demonstrates to the policy provider that the motorist in question is at a greater risk of filing a claim in the future. Certain incidents and behavior can also attract steeper coverage costs. Being at-fault for a collision, having one’s license suspended or being convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol can frequently demonstrate a tendency to participate in risky behavior. Some motorists are statistically more likely to file claims, like young and inexperienced drivers, and are consequently charged more for vehicle coverage. Being involved in a collision can increase a motorist’s rates in a number of ways, but for many drivers there are still ways to lower coverage costs.
Higher Auto Insurance Rates after an Accident

When a vehicle owner goes an extended period of time without filing a claim, they are frequently awarded Auto insurance discounts from their coverage provider. Being involved in a collision, however, may result in the loss of these savings. In some instances, an insurer may choose not to renew a driver’s policy or may choose to cancel their plan after an accident. Luckily vehicle owners often have the option of pursuing more affordable coverage if their rates are increased to an unmanageable level by shopping around and comparing quotes. Vehicle owners who have been in multiple accidents may have difficulty finding affordable coverage through traditional means, but fortunately many states provide alternative options.

Being involved in multiple accidents is likely to land a driver in the nonstandard market, but comparing quotes online can usually help motorists find adequately priced coverage anyways. Searching for policy estimates on the Internet can usually produce dozens of quotes from multiple companies, which frequently includes insurers who specialize in insuring higher-risk drivers. In many states motorists are given the option of utilizing a high risk-insurance plan, where a coverage provider is assigned to a specific vehicle owner. To avoid many of the rate increases that generally follow an automobile accident, motorists are urged to avoid taking unnecessary risk while behind the wheel.

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